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A Manufacturer of Precision Metal Fabrication and DesignWith 13 Years of Experience

Dongguan Youlian Display Technology Co., Ltd. is a Precision Metal Manufacturer integrating research and development and engineering technology services.We carry an advantageous industry position (with both size and scalability), superior market relationships, the best staff and engineers in the business, and battle-tested fabrication technology and automation,At the same time, we can accept OEM, ODM. that’ll help both your bottom line and timeline.

Our products are used in data, communication, medical, national defense, electronics, automation, electric power, industrial control and other fields, and we have won your trust and support with reliable quality and satisfactory service.

Youlian is willing to cooperate wholeheartedly with colleagues from all walks of life at home and abroad for mutual benefit and create a better future together!

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Our Factory

The Equipment and Capabilities That a Precision Metal Manufacturing Plant Should Have

And you want capabilities? We got ‘em. Since 2010, more than 30,000 square meters of modern factory buildings of metal fabrication and more than 100 professional and technical personnel, and our scale is also expanding, capable of long run metal precision fabrication.

With the use of tower-fed fiber lasers, robotic and manual welding cells, automated punching machines, automated panel benders, CNC multi-axis press brakes, in-house powder coating, machining, finishing, assembly, and everything in-between. Add in our top-notch quality control, ISO certification, rapid production capabilities, and world-class shipping department.

  • 2010

    Established in

  • 30,000

    Factory area

  • 100

    Technical personnel

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Our Founder

The Story About Kevin’s Establishment of a Precision Metal Manufacturing Plant

Since he left the study when he was young, he has been working as a general worker in a Taiwanese factory under the introduction of his friends, but he is not willing to spend his life in such an ordinary way.

So far, he has been in the metal industry for 25 years, and he has dedicated his youth to sheet metal, which shows his profound experience.

  • Design


    He can help with structural design, produce drawings, and design proposals based on target prices without losing functionality.
  • Service


    Therefore, you can enjoy our services when you place an order with us for customiza-tion, and design according to your target price to ensure your maximum ben-efit.

What We Do ?

We are mainly engaged in metal chassis and cabinets in various scenarios, such as communication industry, electrical industry, intelligent industry, medical system casing, financial equipment casing, energy equipment casing, automation equipment casing, charging pile cabinet, etc. Just provide drawings, we can produce; It doesn’t matter if there are no drawings, we have CAD engineers to design drawing.

Our precision metal manufacturing process is as follows, each process is listed, first the sheet metal processing workshop, then the spraying workshop, and finally the assembly workshop.

Each of our processes will go through strict inspections, and only when there is no problem in the final inspection will the package be shipped.

Customer Distribution

Our company’s customers are mainly distributed in the United States (42%), Japan (20%), the United Kingdom (5%), France (4%), Germany (6%), Vietnam (5%), Russia (4%), South Korea (5%), Saudi Arabia (4%), and South Africa (5%)

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    the United States (42%)

    the United States (42%)

  • dingwei01
    the United Kingdom (5%)

    the United Kingdom (5%)

  • dingwei01
    Saudi Arabia (4%)

    Saudi Arabia (4%)

  • dingwei01
    France (4%)

    France (4%)

  • dingwei01
    Japan (20%)

    Japan (20%)

  • dingwei01
    South Africa (5%)

    South Africa (5%)